October 09, 2014


Koastal is now offering free shipping on all orders. This is for domestic orders only and the average delivery time with the free shipping method is 2-5 days. There are faster methods available during checkout for an additional cost. Koastal ships world wide and those looking for more information regarding this check out our international shipping page.
October 02, 2014


Koastal has been through many positive changes since its inception. One of the biggest changes Koastal has made was to shift the focus from producing boards to expanding our patented Revenge Truck and Lucid Grip brands. Koastal still finds it important to offer our loyal customers boards that will give you that surf like ride, so we have teamed up with some of the best brands in the industry. The majority of boards now being sold on our site are from California based companies and all boards are manufactured in the USA. This allows us to offer a wide variety of boards in all sizes, shapes, and styles.
Koastal will continue to make limited edition boards so always check back to see what’s new on the Koastal website.
October 01, 2014

New Koastal Website has a new launch date

Hi Everyone, we are running a little behind on the new Koastal website. Had to fix some glitches and what not. New date for the launch is October 3. 
September 23, 2014

New Koastal Website coming soon!

With all the new changes going on here at Koastal our website will have a new look and feel. The launch date for the new site is set for October 1st 2014. Koastal is excited to share its new plans and whats to come in the future.

Thank you everyone for the support over the years!
September 04, 2014

New Koastal Website Coming Soon!

The Koastal site will being getting a complete makeover. The new site is due to launch middle of September. Sign up for our newsletter to get an email letting you know when it launches.
August 26, 2014

Only a few Koastal boards left!

That's right we are no longer making Koastal boards. Get one while they last. 

The future for Koastal is looking good and we are excited for whats to come. For more information make sure to sign up for our newsletter or keep coming back to the website to see what's to come. 

March 28, 2014

Weekly Deck Giveaway Winner........

This weeks "Weekly Deck Giveaway" winner is........

- Geonho Lee from San Francisco, California

Congratulations Geonho write us an email with your deck selection.

For next weeks giveaway ENTER HERE:
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