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Deluxe Drop - 37" Progressive Longboard - Complete


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Deluxe Drop

This board is part of our “Meat Loaf” series. Just like mom used to make except we take the best of what’s leftover in the wood shop to produce this tasty little morsel. Its our little contribution to minimizing waste because every little bit helps. 

  The Deluxe Drop is one of our more progressive boards in the line. With the drop through setup this board gets you lower to the ground making it great for long distance skating but also makes it a more stable ride as well. Setup with Revenge trucks this board makes for a great carving board. You can pump this thing up and down the street without having to push to often. This board can also be setup with a more aggressive truck such as Gullwing Chargers and become a great board for sliding and some minor downhill runs. Boards similar to the Deluxe Drop is the Blue Fin.
Deck Info: 
Dimensions: L – 37” * W – 9” 
Wheel Base: 28"
Wood: Aspen, Mahogany, and a mix of died maple veneers. The core of this board is 7 ply maple.
Bottom: Red died Maple Veneer 
Shape: Slight concave and camber. **DROP THROUGH** 
Grip: Recycled clear grip material by LUCID GRIP

Standard Complete setup: Wheel and Bearings are upgradeable for an additional cost from the options above.
Hardware: Black hex head mounting hardware.
Bearings: Koastal ABEC 5 oil filled
Wheel: Koastal 70mm 83a (Wheel color may vary from photo)
Trucks: Revenge Alpha II

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