Koastal Board Guide

Need help selecting the right board for yourself, friend, or family member? Don't worry we are here to make sure you select the ride board.


At Koastal the majority of our boards are built and designed for cruising and carving......

Cruiser Longboard
A cruiser board is a longboard for a means of transportation and perfect for beginners. Some are shorter, designed to easily weave in and out of foot traffic and get you to work, school, the store or for a bite to eat. If you think you’d like to bomb some hills, then opt for a longer board for more stability at higher speeds. Next, you’ll need to decide on the length, stiffness and tail shape which we’ve defined for you…

  1. Shorter Cruising Boards – Lengths in the 20″ – 29″ range are perfect for young riders and shorter people. However, taller people can rider shorter cursing boards if they have their skills down since it will be slightly more difficult to control.
  2. Mid-Sized Cruising Board – Longboards in the range of 30″ – 39″ are the most popular and recommended for newbies of all sizes. With a length between small and long, these boards are just right and can do almost anything!
  3. Longer Cruising Board – Our boards ranging from 40"-49" / 50"-59" / 60"-69" are your perfect board for relaxed rides. These boards are also perfect for the sidewalk surfing, cruising the boardwalk when the surf is flat, and making big mellow carves.