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Koastal Tips, Care, and Maintenance

2-19-2014 - Next video "Receiving your new Koastal board, what to do before riding" will be uploaded 3/07/2014

12-31-2013 - Next Video "Lucid Grip that comes on every Koastal board and how to re-grip it when it wears down" will be uploaded 1/06/2014

12-20-2013 - Due to Holiday no videos will be uploaded until after Christmas. 

11-20-2013 - Next video "Revenge Trucks - Soft, Medium, Hard bushings available and the differences between them" will be uploaded 11/22

11-13-2013 - Next video "How to clean your Koastal Board" will be uploaded 11/15

11-7-2013 - Videos will be uploaded on a weekly basis. 

Here you will find videos on proper care, maintenance, and some tips to make your Koastal ride better. If you don't see what you need help with here then you can contact us directly and we will help you out. 


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Lucid Grip on all Koastal boards and how to re-grip your board

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The differences between the 3 different bushings available for Revenge Trucks 

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How to clean the top and bottom of your Koastal Board

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How to get rid of the squeaking sound when carving or turning your Koastal board.

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